Connected Ink 2018

  • November 30, 2018
  • 10:00-16:30 (Registration 9:30-)
  • ANA InterContinental-Tokyo

Thank you for attending Connected Ink 2018.We look forward to seeing you again.

Connected Ink is a global event through which participants expand and deepen“ink and stationery” related business and share the advanced technologies andup-to-date “ink and stationery” recognition with the goal of spreading“ink and stationery” related business more widely.

I am pleased to inform you that the "Connected Ink Tokyo 2018" is held on Friday, November 30. As mobile devices proliferate and cloud environment is available everywhere, we are now ready to tap into the power of digital ink. You are already handling digital ink when signing on a tablet with a pen for credit card payments or doodling on a smartphone, however, digital ink will show its true worth when connected with various types of information.

For instance, a genuine and forged signatures can be segregated digitally, even if they are identical. A short message like "thank you" can carry a wealth of feeling from the bottom of writer's heart. Measuring a student's concentration level during study may also become possible. Ink, connected with information, can carry a lot of values.

I am looking forward to having intensive discussions and exchanging insightful opinions with you, about the vast potential of digital ink and digital pens, can be collectively called "digital stationery," at the Connected Ink Tokyo.

Nobu Ide
CEO Wacom


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Keynote Sessions

News of latest technologies will be
delivered by industry’s top executives.

Keynote Sessions10:00 - 12:00
Session Title
  • Nobu IdeCEO
  • Heidi WangSVP, Ink Division
  • Sayatake KomineSVP, TSBU
  • Akiyuki KakeSenior Director, Marketing, TSBU

Morning of the day is packed with exciting news and presentations on developments around business, technology and market aspects of digital pen and ink, which is collectively called "Digital Stationery".

Wacom's President & CEO Nobu Ide welcomes the guests and talks about recent developments. He also invites a special guest from one of the partner companies.

Heidi Wang, SVP heading Wacom’s ink Division, introduces the latest version of Wacom’s digital ink technology WILL 3.0. Sayatake Komine, SVP heading Wacom’s Technology Solution Business Units since this past September, talks about fast-growing interests in digital stationery by traditional stationery manufactures. Akiyuki Kake, Senior Marketing Director of Wacom’s Technology Solution Business Units, reveals the PoC (Proof of Concept) of innovative digital ink application combined with the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Breakout Session

We will deliver various cases of
digital stationery with three themes.

Leading-edge Technology
Pursuit of the digital pen and ink leading-edge technologies
Ink Drives Business and Education
Sharing the methods of the digital stationery usages
for business and education development
Analogue Meets Digital
Case studies of the beautiful harmonization
between analogue and digital
Leading-edge Technology
Optimizing the Mobile Experience: Innovations on the Galaxy Note9 and the S Pen
  • Ken Song
  • Director, Head of Technology Strategy Group at Mobile Communications
    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Catarina Cho
  • Partnership Manager, Technology Strategy Group at Mobile Communications
    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Find out how you can have the best and most innovative mobile digital pen experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and the S Pen.
Ink Drives Business and Education
Why Fujitsu "School Tablet" is chosen in K-12
  • Toyohiro Kato
  • Senior Manager
    Component Device Development Dept.
    Platform Development Div.
    Research & Development Unit
  • Masamichi Maruko
  • Director
    Promotion Planning Dept.
    Business Management Div.
    Front Computing Business Unit
Fujitsu has been offering solutions for many years in order to support classes that children can learn and teach each other, which is necessary to foster skills for the 21st century.
And in order to achieve the objective, Fujitsu has developed a "School Tablet" by accepting multiple opinions and requests from the educational site.
In this session, Fujitsu will introduce the advantage of Fujitsu "School Tablet" that is highly evaluated in educational site, and also the story of struggles during development.
Analogue MeetsDigital
Introduction of Digital Stationery Consortium
  • Peter Bacher
  • Director Business Development, Ink Division
The Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) is an association of global industries and thought leaders with the shared mission to advocate the value of human creativity and to lead the creation of a new market category of smart digital stationery solutions that serve creative minds naturally and intuitively. At the session participants will learn more about new markets and opportunities for digital stationery as well as use cases already realized by E Ink, Samsung, Montblanc, Staedtler and Wacom.
Leading-edge Technology
ePaper Technology in Digital Writing and Applications
  • Dr. Feng-Yuan Gan
  • Executive Vice President, Sales Center
    E Ink Holdings
  • Steve Battista
  • Senior Business Development Manager
    E Ink Corporation
Originated from technology of MIT's Media Lab, E Ink is dedicated to technology advancement, ecosystem partner co-creation and innovative ePaper applications. E Ink's ePaper is world renowned for being eReader's displays. Now E Ink's technology takes a step forward to become the only writable display technology that mimics writing on paper experience. ePaper leverages its technology advantages and serves as the human-machine interface in connected world. One can easily find ePaper's footprints in Smart Education and Digital Writing applications; don't miss out the opportunity to learn more about E Ink technology and be part of the E Ink ecosystem.
Ink Drives Business and Education
The Writing in Digital Era
  • Bruce Zhao(趙 飛)
  • CEO
    Shanghai Ratta Smart Technology Co., Ltd.
Ratta is an innovative company taking "Digitized Stationery" as corporate mission.
Supernote A5 is a digital note product for "born to write". Supernote integrates traditional writing experience with IT technology, which makes harmony of tradition & modern together with rationality & sensibility. Supernote utilizes its open platform with applications to make business and education more efficient and functional.
Analogue MeetsDigital
LAMY - a brief journey of the transformation from analogue to digital
  • Marco Achenbach
  • Head of Productmanagement/R&D
    C. Josef Lamy GmbH
As a writing instrument manufacturer, Lamy is naturally rooted in the analogue world. Our core product is and will always be writing instruments for analogue writing by hand. However, the digital world holds a lot of opportunities for us, and we are more than open to take advantage of them. In this respect, we are looking for partners who will enable us to translate the joy of writing by hand into digital solutions.
Leading-edge Technology
WILL 3.0 - Universal Ink technology
New features and demonstration
  • Dr. Markus Weber
  • Product Manager, Ink Division
WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) is a technology that enables Digital Ink to be seamlessly used among different platforms. In 2019, we are going to release WILL 3.0, which has several enhancements, such as integration with "Machine Learning" by having Semantic Context in Digital Ink and exploration of Virtual and Augmented Reality. In this breakout session, we will show you the future of Digital Ink with a focus on the demonstration of the new features of WILL 3.0.
Ink Drives Business and Education
Collaboration between Wacom Clipboard and VQS - Remote lesson and local area development
  • Takashi Nakatsuji
  • Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, BSU
  • Takehiko Mukai
  • President and CEO
    VQS, Inc.
Introduction of the handwriting communication showing the combination between VQS Collaboration(compatible with handwriting devices) and Wacom Clipboard.
We will introduce the activities aimed for correcting disparity in educational opportunities, etc. In addition, we will show the demo of collaboration with Wacom Clipboard.
Analogue MeetsDigital
BIC: A Digital Actor With A Strong Analog DNA
  • Olivier ALBENGE
  • Prospective and Partnership Manager, Research and Innovation Department
  • Asia Operation Director
How handwriting remains valuable today? How should Digital infuse into the Analog stationery world? This presentation will outline BIC's proposal.
Leading-edge Technology
The effects of using digital pen during Learning
  • Dr. Yasushi Naruse
  • Principal
    National Institute of Information and Communication Technology
The objective of this study was to clarify learning effect on the brain by writing with digital pen. We measured EEG signals while the subjects were learning kanji by using the digital pen and tablet, and the inking pen and paper. The subjects were divided two groups, according to whether they use digital pen frequently. The results suggest a superiority of writing with the digital pen for learning in the frequent users.
Ink Drives Business and Education
Pen tells a lot about users:Evolving Human-Machine communication by HCAI
  • Akiyuki Kake
  • Senior Director, TSBU
  • Hirotaka Suzuki
  • CTO
    SD Tech
As AI is gaining its presence in various industries, Human Centered Artificial Intelligence is becoming one of the most crucial area of the field. In this session, you may find what is HCAI, why we need it and how we can utilize it.
Analogue MeetsDigital
Tradition meets Innovation
  • Dr. Vyhnal Alexander
  • Director Research and Development
Here at STAEDTLER, we believe in a world full of ideas – and bursting with amazing opportunities that are just waiting to be seized. STAEDTLER bridges the analogue and digital world with its innovative product concepts and is therefore a companion for people of all ages who want to bring their own creative ideas to life.
Leading-edge Technology
WILL 3.0 – Seamless Interoperability with Existing Ink Ecosystem
  • Dr. Markus Weber
  • Product Manager, Ink Division
Wacom's WILL 3.0 (Universal Ink) is targeting a seamless interoperability among existing Ink ecosystems. With its next generation there is no limit in terms of use cases, platforms, devices, and even dimensionalities. This session will provide an overview of established ink formats such as InkML, ISF, WILL 2.0, Samsung Notes format, and Myscript’s Nebo format and how WILL 3.0 seamlessly interacts with them.
Ink Drives Business and Education
Windows Ink – Changing the Landscape of Digital Pen and Empowering Users with Input AI
  • David Abzarian
  • Principal PM Manager, Windows Input.AI, Developer Platform
  • Kyle Beck
  • Senior PM Manager, Windows Input.AI, Developer Platform
We continue to see astounding growth in digital pen usage on the platform since the introduction of Windows Ink in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Every release of Windows brings new innovations across software and hardware leading to new types of pen engagement. Come join us to learn more about the next catalyst for engagement growth, cloud powered Input AI, enabling users to be more productive with digital pens than ever before!
Analogue MeetsDigital
Medical & Welfare Solutions Expanding in "Denshi shitaziki(Electronic Writing Pad)"
  • Akiyuki Kake
  • Senior Director, TSBU
  • Katsuaki Tanaka
  • Manager
Kokuyo will develop medical & welfare sectors based on "Denshi shitaziki(Electronic Writing Pad)".
We will report on research and development of dementia test as well as data business of record of medical & welfare.