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  • Johnson Lee
  • President, E Ink Holdings Inc.
  • E Ink

Digital Ink Developed Together
with ePaper Display

Please let us know the main digital ink and digital stationery approach viewing from your corporate message.

Digital ink and digital stationery offer tools to interact with the connected digital world while human preverving the writing habit as analog input. As part of the digital reading and writing ecosystem, E Ink has transformed and defined the eReader market and is redefining the digital pen input device with its unique ePaper technology.

According to studies, notetaking helps human learn and retain information more effectively. E Ink ePaper display enabled devices with writing capabilities offer users experiences that closely mimics real paper; our displays offer the look, feel and experience of writing on a paper notebook but with the benefit of digital content management. E Ink has been dedicated to advance writing capabilities on ePaper displays for several years and we hope to drive the movement from writing on paper to the digital medium.

What kind of message will be the most important to deliver toward the participants through exhibition and breakout session at Connected Ink?

E Ink believes there is an untapped multi-billion dollar market opportunities in digital pen input devices with E Ink display to create the best digital writing experience products. As a leader in ePaper technology, innovations in digital ink technology are an essential part in creating new digital stationery market category use cases.

Through our collaboration with digital writing and stationery ecosystem partners, we want to enable new forms of creativity and develop products that were never before possible without an underlying universal digital ink framework. I would like to inivite Connected Ink participants to reach out and be part of the E Ink ecosystem.

Through your company's effort, how do your company wants to contribute to society and people's lives?

There are two important attributes that contribute to this aspect. One, low power consumption; two, total reflective display technology.

Zero power consumption for retaining image and only consumes power while changing images. It is the most suitable display technology for IoT space which is going be 20B IoT related devices as estimated by Gartner in the near future. If all the display units on the IoT devices consume power all the time, there will never be enough energy generated for the world.

ePaper closely mimics reading and writing experiences on real paper. ePaper enabled products do not emit light and shine directly at eyes, cauing digital eyestrain and possibly chronical eye diseases. ePaper uses ambient light for comfortable reading and writing and particularly in Education and Professional industries where extensive reading and writing are required. E Ink technology is considered to be a sustainable technology given its low power consumption and total reflective properties.