Messages from Partners

  • Marco Achenbach
  • Head of Productmanagement/R&D
  • C. Josef Lamy GmbH

"Value of Handwriting"
with Digital Technology

Please let us know the main digital ink and digital stationery approach viewing from your corporate message.

As a writing instrument manufacturer, Lamy is naturally rooted in the analogue world. Our core product is and will always be writing instruments for analogue writing by hand. However, the digital world holds a lot of opportunities for us, and we are more than open to take advantage of them. In this respect, we are looking for partners who will enable us to translate the joy of writing by hand into digital solutions.

What kind of message will be the most important to deliver toward the participants through exhibition and breakout session at Connected Ink?

The LAMY brand stands for high-quality writing instruments with exceptional design and perfect functionality. This promise has made us not only the leading manufacturer in Germany, but also an internationally sought-after lifestyle brand. Lamy represents lasting values and sustainability, and I believe that this is even more important nowadays. In a world which is becoming more and more virtual, people long for tangible, authentic experiences. Lamy represents just that: the pleasures of writing by hand, combined with a convincing and haptically appealing product. A product which can be experienced in a digital world, too.

Through your company's effort, how do your company wants to contribute to society and people's lives?

As a company, we strongly believe in the value of handwriting. It is not only a cultural asset worthy of protection, but also an expression of individuality and personality. Every handwriting is unmistakable, just like a fingerprint. Our aim is to inspire people to appreciate, to celebrate and cultivate their own handwriting, inspite (or precisely because) of the advancing digitalisation. In this sense, we would like to contribute to keeping the value of handwriting alive - with writing instruments that fit in with one's own lifestyle and underline the personality of their user.