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  • Catarina Cho
  • Partnership Manager,
    Technology Strategy Group at Mobile Communications
  • Samsung Electronics

New Digital Ink Lifestyle
Supported by S Pen

Please let us know the main digital ink and digital stationery approach viewing from your corporate message.

The S Pen, our iconic stylus for mobile devices, is a unique differentiator that sets Samsung's devices apart. It's an intelligent tool that advances creativity in our products like the Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Tab S4, and Galaxy Book2. Featuring a refined design that replicates the comfort and accuracy of a real pen, along with expanded note taking capabilities, more ways to add a personal touch to messages and photos, it now can be also conveniently used as a remote control for Galaxy Note9. The S Pen sets new standards in terms of communication and convenience, empowering users to do, create and experience more.

What kind of message will be the most important to deliver toward the participants through exhibition and breakout session at Connected Ink?

At Connected Ink, I want to share how easily you can adopt a digital ink-powered lifestyle with the S Pen. Ready for your use anywhere, experience how the S Pen enhances your everyday productivity and creativity. Understand how in a short time, Samsung's S Pen has revolutionized the way people use their phones, and why it’s the perfect match to your next generation digital ink needs.

Through your company's effort, how do your company wants to contribute to society and people's lives?

Our commitment to innovation will always be for achievers and creators whose passion and insight inspire us to break through barriers to deliver the most advanced devices. With the latest S Pen technology and its design for a level of performance, power and intelligence, our devices are for today’s power users who want and need to get the most out of work and play. We answer to those who want it all.