Connected Ink 2019


Inkathon in Portland

Wacom held an Inkathon in Portland during May 17 – 19. The Inkathon (Ink + Hackathon) is a developer challenge in the format of a 48 hours on-site Hackathon at Wacom office in Portland. Wacom previously conducted the events in Beijing, Berlin, Sofia, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Hongkong and Tokyo. This time the Inkathon took place in collaboration with two strong partners – Microsoft and Google.

The goal of the challenge was to make best use of WILL 3.0 (Wacom Ink Layer language), Microsoft Ink Recognizer and Google Low Latency API. Participants would apply within 3 categories: Education, Extended Reality (XR) and Blank Canvas. Each category was awarded with 5,000 USD prize money. In addition, Microsoft and Google gave 5,000 USD bonus prizes each for best use of their Software Development Kits. In addition, two teams were invited to an Inkubation program and a trip to the Connected Ink event in Tokyo on November 27 to present their solutions.

In total 10 teams worked hard over the weekend, partly staying the whole night coding. The results were impressive and mature. The event was held in a great atmosphere and was strongly supported by various Wacom individuals.

Please find attached an overview about the winning teams and what they created in only 48 hours:


Winner Education & Inkubation program and trip to Tokyo: Just me

Description: Quantifiable way to learning how to write, draw, and paint (WILL; Android, Chromebook)

Technology: WILL 3.0 Android, Chromebook


Winner Extended Reality and Microsoft Bonus Prize: Annote VR

Description: Handwritten annotations and labelling in VR

Technology: WILL 3.0, Unity & HTC Vive, Microsoft Ink Recognizer


Winner Blank Canvas: Cutietime Quick Draw Time

Description: Quick Draw time, simple and cute ink timer for daily use.

Technology: WILL 3.0 Android, Microsoft Ink Recognizer


Winner Google Bonus Prize: kINKy

Description: Dating app using ink to present creativity and personality by drawing and writing instead of pictures

Technology: WILL 3.0, Google Low Latency API, Microsoft Ink Recognizer


Winner Inkubation program and trip to Tokyo: Whiteboard Canvas

Description: Teaching and learning to code with ink

Technology: WILL 3.0, Chrome, Google Low Latency API, Microsoft Ink Recognizer


JustMe and Whiteboard Canvas teams will join the Connected Ink 2019 in Tokyo on November 27.