03 Berlin SEPT 2016
Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz

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More than 50 selected participants from various global technology and stationery companies gathered at the Connected Ink event on September 3, 2016. The event was held during the IFA at the Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz, an industrial construction from the 1960’s, in one of the most famous parts of Berlin.

Connected Ink is an initiative to promote widespread adoption and enrichment of the digital ink experience across multiple platforms and eco-systems through collaboration with companies including IT hardware, software and service providers as well as businesses in stationery, publishing and education fields. 

Following previous events in Las Vegas and Shanghai, the objective of the third Connected Ink event was to introduce the Digital Stationery Consortium as a cross-industry body, gathering leading advocates from several partner companies such as Samsung, Montblanc and E Ink, as well as CenterDevice, Moka Studio and WeKast.

Masahiko Yamada, President & Group CEO of Wacom, said in his opening speech that we have used ink to express our creativity, emotions, inspirations and ideas for over 30,000 years. Ink is the most powerful creative tool human being has ever made. “From now on, every single analog idea can be digital and change the way we think. So, we invite partners to work together, as human beings can achieve much more without limitations. We will go beyond the boundaries with digital ink. One company can make small things. With many we can make big difference.”

Following the presentations by other Wacom executives about “Universal Ink for the 21st Century (WILL)” and “Universal Pen Experience”, guest speakers took to the stage.

Peter Koo of Samsung presented the "Strategic Vision for Digital Handwriting" and emphasized the company’s strong support for the Digital Stationery Consortium. Dr. Felix Obschonka of Montblanc talked about the "Beauty of Handwriting in a Digital Space” and expressed the company’s intention to support the consortium. Jim Chang of E Ink presented the "Novel Note-Taking Experience" and revealed the company’s ambition to equip every smart surface with E ink.

In the panel discussion, inviting executives from Samsung, E Ink, CenterDevice, WeKast and Wacom, the speakers inspired the audience with their vision about the future of digital ink.

After the panel discussion, Wacom’s President & Group CEO Masahiko Yamada came back to the stage and introduced the Digital Stationery Consortium to be established in October 2016 as a joint movement beyond the boundaries of technology, eco-systems or industries: “We believe in the power of open systems and strong partnerships,” he emphasized.

The event was complemented by the exhibition area where the participants had the possibility to inform themselves about latest technologies. WeKast and Wacom were showing a real-time collaboration show case, where people can jointly collaborate on one canvas. Another show case, based on a partnership with CenterDevice, took the participants into the B2B world with a car rental company processing handwritten form sheets into the cloud and to the back office.

The demonstration of the correlation between brain waves data and handwriting meta data, which make emotions like concentration, appreciation or even love visible while writing a letter was extremely impressive. Also, E Ink presented the latest note taking technologies, Bamboo Slate was bridging paper based notes and sketches to digital and Moka Studios showed their exciting latest 3D character animation tool: Mosketch.

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“We were honoured to be able to participate at the Connected Ink in Berlin. There are so many uncharted territories to explore in the usage of Digital Ink that contributing to the journey is a very exciting prospect.”
Benoît Le Callennec
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