06 Las Vegas JAN 2017
Keep Memory Alive Center

Past event

Connected Ink is about digitalization transformation, especially in the field of pen, paper and ink and how to enhance human creativity leveraging the latest technologies. The fifth Connected Ink event took place on January 6, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA.

This time the event was dedicated to open eco-systems, partnering and communities.

Furthermore, the event was held to honor the seven Inkathon finalists from around the globe as well as hear from a variety of technology experts on the evolution of digital ink and the role it plays in business, education, healthcare, etc.

The afternoon began with Mr. Masahiko Yamada, President and CEO of Wacom, delivering a thought-provoking speech on the history of ink and how it has and will continue to shape our world in a variety of ways. “From the arts to the sciences, ink - both analog and digital - is the foundation of creative expression and we (Wacom) love what creativity brings to the world.”

Mr. Yamada’s introduction was followed by presentations from several different technology luminaries who are embracing digital ink in their own work.

Dr. Ken Perlin, Professor of Computer Science at NYU, gave an inspiring presentation on his “ChalkTalk” prototype, an intelligent and interactive digital inking application that can link ideas and shapes together and is well on its way to becoming a great teaching tool in the classroom.

Mr. David Abzarian of Microsoft gave a presentation about Window Ink with which one can quickly turn thoughts into action by creating lists, sticky notes, and drawing to ones heart’s content.

Dr. Felix Obschonka of Montblanc talked about the "Beauty of Handwriting in a Digital Space” and presented the Montblanc Augmented Paper, created from a partnering collaboration between Montblanc and Wacom.

Mr. Stanley Yang, CEO of NeuroSky, also enlightened the Connected Ink attendees with his presentation on the role digital ink has with their products. For example, one innovation tracks the brain waves of autistic children while they draw and write. The data this produces will help medical and research professionals better understand the autistic mind.

Attendees also got to hear about some of the digital ink initiatives that will be coming from Wacom in the coming year. Mr. Nobu Ide, Senior Vice President of Wacom’s Technology Solutions, talked about several programs that will help move digital ink forward. Wacom and Microsoft’s work on the multi-protocol pen was enthusiastically received as were the programs Wacom is currently working on with E Ink, LG and Elan. Wacom’s Mrs. Heidi Wang and Mr. Faik Karaoglu talked about the launch of an “Innovation Hub” (for digital ink) in Tel Aviv, Israel this year. They touched on WILL and the importance it continues to have on building a universal pen platform for all of us to use.

The presentations were followed by the Awards Ceremony for the seven Inkathon finalists who were flown in from their respective countries for a chance to be crowned Inkathon champion. Besides putting one’s proverbial digital stamp on the world, there was a lot at stake including $2,500 for the third place winner, $5,000 for second and $10,000 for the overall winner.

The seven finalists included Deep Question (Singapore), Cheat Sheet (China) Canvas Earth (Israel), SounDoodle (Israel), Ink Analyzer (India), Doodle the Web (Singapore) and Arduwrite (Bulgaria). Each finalist gave a three-minute (timed) presentation. Once all the presentations had been delivered, the judging panel, made up of industry experts, made their decisions. Third place was awarded to 16-year-old Zvezdin Besarzbov and his Arduwrite, a device that can recreate ones handwriting or drawings. Second place went to the team of Ori Shapira, Jonathan Somer, Noam Ioya and Jonathan Ataria from Israel for their Canvas Earth application, building augmented reality through drawing, painting and graffiti. First place was awarded to Samuel Miller, Rotem Nahlieli and Ethan Hall, also from Israel, for their SounDoodle program that mixes art and music in a playful and educational manner.

Wacom’s President & Group CEO Mr. Masahiko Yamada also spoke about the Digital Stationery Consortium, which was established in October 2016. He was pleased to announce that Montblanc and Samsung joined the Consortium on a board level.

 “We believe in the power of open systems and strong partnerships,” he and Mr. Peter Koo from Samsung emphasized

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