27 Tokyo OCT 2016
Belle Salle Shiodome

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Nearly 200 industry leaders from various global technology and stationery companies gathered at the Connected Ink event in Tokyo on October 27, 2016.

Connected Ink is an initiative to promote widespread adoption and enrichment of the digital ink experience across multiple platforms and eco-systems through collaboration with companies including IT hardware, software and service providers as well as businesses in stationery, publishing and education fields.

Since being kicked off in January this year in Las Vegas, a series of Connected Ink events was held in Shanghai and Berlin - in May and September respectively. At the fourth Connected Ink event in Tokyo, establishment of the Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc. (DSC) was announced and solicitation for DSC members, such as promoters and contributors was made. The companies supporting DSC - including KOKUYO, KURETAKE, NeuroSky Japan and 1>10 Drive - held executive speeches, took part in the panel discussion and presented their technologies in the exhibition area.  

Masahiko Yamada, President and CEO of Wacom, said in his opening speech that we have used ink to express our creativity, emotions, inspirations and ideas for over 30,000 years. Ink is the most powerful creative tool human being has ever made. “Like Gutenberg invented letterpress printing, like a computer graphics industry was born 30 years ago, digital ink must be a revolutionary movement which makes the world change dynamically.” The presentations by other Wacom executives about “Universal Ink for the 21st Century (WILL)” and “Universal Pen Experience” were followed by guest speakers’ presentations.

Masahiko Yamada, Mr. Shigeaki Choji, senior manager of Kokuyo, presented how they have solved their users’ problems by the "Digitalization of Handwriting" and expressed readiness to collaborate with Wacom and DSC members to establish more versatile tools and technologies. Mr. Suguru Takemoto from Marketing, Kuretake talked about the "History of Handwriting – roots of ink” and demonstrated modern calligraphy with digital ink. Mr. Kikuo Ito, CEO, NeuroSky Japan presented the "New World enabled by low-cost Brain Machine Interface (BMI)" and revealed the company’s ambition to penetrate digital ink where emotion is embedded (emotional ink) in various creating fields.  In the panel discussion, inviting executives from Kokuyo, Kuretake, NeuroSky Japan, 1>10 Drive, and Wacom, the speakers inspired the audience with their vision about the future of digital ink which will be able to incorporate any type of data eventually.  

Masahiko Yamada came back to the stage for the closing remark and introduced the establishment of the Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc. on the day.  “For digital stationery to become part of the mainstream, it is vital that we make digital ink technology a truly open, universal and smart content format so that many industry partners are willing to adopt it. We regard WILL as a sort of public utility for promoting the evolution of digital stationery and it will require extensive cooperation between partners. This is a long journey and we are about to take the first step. Let’s enjoy this journey together and we welcome you to join the movement and DSC.”  

It is the mission of DSC to create a movement with cross-industry partners to make digital ink widely adopted and to promote the evolution of smart digital stationery. Masahiko Yamada informed the participants that the DSC is open for registrations.

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“The Wacom Connected Ink event was one of the most well organized event I have ever seen. It was a great networking opportunities with a highly selected guest list, from Wacom CEO to top notch executives.”
Noemie Alliel
CEO, WeKast
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Connected Ink Tokyo 2016

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