The future of digital stationery

Suguru Takemoto

General Manager, Planning Office, Tokyo Branch, Kuretake Co., Ltd.


1987 : Born in Hyogo Prefecture

2012 : Graduated the Postgraduate School of Architecture and Design, University of Kyoto Institute of Technology

2012 : Joined Kuretake Co., Ltd. 

After joinning Kuretake, Mr. Takemoto attended and graduated from Hal Tokyo and Tokyo Photo Academy.

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“We were honoured to be able to participate at the Connected Ink in Berlin. There are so many uncharted territories to explore in the usage of Digital Ink that contributing to the journey is a very exciting prospect.”
Benoît Le Callennec
07 Shanghai JUNE 2017
The Peninsula Shanghai, 32 Zhongshan East 1st Rd #ConnectedInkShanghai


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