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Connected Ink is an open innovation platform which takes you on a journey of creativity, art and music combined with the latest developments of digital transformation and ink technology. It is a hybrid online and physical event which lets you connect and expand your network, to explore and discover unexpected creative sparks. Join us in making the world a more creative place with future technologies.

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Japan Philharmonic Orchestra + LIMITS

The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and LIMITS, organizer of competitive digital art battles, are joining forces to creative a collaborative performance for the first time at Connected Ink. Together they are turning the stage into an experiential art event.


KOPPA, a team that makes the designed furniture series with pieces of wood and scrap wood, will create a special "Stage KOPPA" for Connected Ink. The stage assembly will start the day before the event and will be available as streaming sessions during Connected Ink.




KOPPA, a team that makes the designed furniture series with pieces of wood and scrap wood, will create a special "Stage KOPPA" for Connected Ink. The stage assembly will start the day before the event and will be available as streaming sessions during Connected Ink.

Special Partners

Nobu Nobu Ide President and CEO, Wacom
Keynote: Why Connected Ink?

What challenge is Wacom taking on with its partners and what creative questions is Wacom trying to evoke? More
DSC DSC Digital Stationery Consortium Panel Discussion
New Work and the Future of Digital Education

Johnson Lee, E Ink Holdings Inc.
Peter Jackson, Bluescape
Dr. Felix Obschonka, Montblanc
Catarina Cho, Samsung Electronics
Erna Müller, STAEDTLER
Nobu Ide, CEO, Wacom
wang-karaoglu Panel Discussion Heidi Wang and Faik Karaoglu Wacom, Germany
How Wacom is shaping the future of education

The pen is one of the most powerful tools in education. That's why Wacom is bringing this intuitive tool to the digital classroom. Learn more about Wacom’s Digital Pen and Ink Solutions for education. More
CRI Creative Rights Initiative PGN Corp – pixiv Inc. – Startbahn Inc. – Tosho Printing Co. Ltd. – Wacom
Collaborative Project

Creative Rights Initiative is to create and nurture a new, better culture for art and creatives. The heir first proof of concept will be introduced during the discussion. More
Samsung x Celsys x Wacom Samsung Samsung x Celsys x Wacom Netflix, USA
Digital Drawing Experience on Android

A talk and live drawing session by a webtoon artsit with “CLIP STUDIO PAINT for Galaxy”
Jason Lee, Samsung Electronics
Tetsuya Kobayashi, Celsys
Koji Yano, Wacom
Hyonu Park, Wacom More
Life drawing Creative Chaos in Action Life drawing session Drink and Draw Berlin, Germany
Creativity in Action

We will host a fun and unique live, online drawing session with several Berlin artists from our community as guests. We will draw together and get to know the artists, while the viewer can either draw along or just watch and listen, like a cool podcast. More
MSI-1 MSI Taiwan
MSI new business and productivity series

When the world is upside-down, changing the way people work, whereas MSI sees this challenge as an opportunity to reach the peak! Join the session and you will be able to see MSI new Business and Productivity series. “Summit,” “Prestige,” and “Modern” More
facebook-logo youtube
Pausder Verena Pausder Verena Pausder, Founder of "Digitale Bildung für alle e.V.", Author of "Das Neue Land", Germany
Heidi Wang, Wacom, Germany

Empowering our children to become digital creators, not just digital consumers

Why we have to empower our children to become digital creators and not just digital consumers. Verena Pausder and Heidi Wang talk about the challenges and opportunities of digital education and present the results of the Thinkathon contest. More
Opening Act IMPALA Opening Act Netflix, USA
What can we create from chaos?

Artists will draw, write, dance, sing, and play in the attempt to bridge the two parallel worlds of Shinjuku Sankaku-Hiroba and Ihatov Hanamaki City. They deep dive into these forms of human expression that have been passed down from ancient times to uncover where stories actually begin. More
Stacy Roshan Stacey Roshan Bullis School, USA
Collaborative, connected, and paperless learning

Join Stacy and discover what edtech tools she has onboarded in both her online and flipped classrooms to keep collaboration alive and provide students personalized feedback and instruction. More
EdTech Panel Discussion Ed Tech EdTech Panel Discussion Wacom, Japan
Education DX, Analogue Paper to Ink Digital Transformation

Discussion on the reforms that digital pens contribute to digital transformation in the education industry. More
nuradeen maidoki Nuradeen Maidoki Click-On Kaduna, Natview Technology, Nigeria
Digital creativity platform focused on supporting disadvantaged communities in Northern Nigeria

Click-On Kaduna is a digital creativity platform focused on supporting disadvantaged communities in Northern Nigeria, especially in Kaduna. They want to improve the lives and livelihoods of people in the region by equipping them with skills in digital creativity using graphics, animation, and creative content. More
Devir Yehuda and Maya Devir DEVIR STUDIO, Israel
One of those days

Yehuda and Maya Devir are a married couple, comic artists, and the creators of the popular web comics "One of Those Days." More
faik-karaoglu Faik Karaoglu Wacom, Germany
How chaos and creativity lead to new beginnings

Wacom team members discuss chances and challenges for creatives, teachers, students and people working from home. More
Mitsubishi Pencil x Wacom Wacom One Mitsubishi Pencil x Wacom Netflix, USA
The value of creative tools – a talk with professional creators

Rethinking analog and digital creative tools with professional creators and community. More
Sunrise Dance Midori Sunrise Dance Netflix, USA
0 to 1 Everything will be in vain?

A dance performance which will take place live in the early morning hours at Sankaku Hiroba, Tokyo.
Performer: Midori with IMPALA
oiso-town How can we support kids’ love for drawing, today and beyond? Oiso Town x Celsys x Wacom
How we can support kids' love for drawing, today and beyond?

Wacom, Celsys and Oiso Town collaborate to conduct a public experiment on how digital creative technologies can support kids’ learning journey. More
Ai Mitsuhashi Ai Mitsuhashi Ai Mitsuhashi  Wacom, Japan
My trajectory of thinking about life from food

“How can I make someone happy? What can I do to make our lives more vivid?” After asking herself these questions, Ai Mitsuhashi realized that “food” might be the answer. More
Tamotsu Ito& Kaz Oki Tamotsu Ito Kaz Oti Tamotsu Ito & Kaz Oki Moderator: Nobu Ide, CEO, Wacom

What is calm co-existence between people, nature, goods and technology?

A creative discussion on how people, nature, goods, and technology can be harmonized and co-exist sustainably and calmly. More
Gutierrez Jorge Gutierrez Netflix, USA
Finding your voice and telling your stories

The creative journey of Emmy award winning animation director Jorge Gutierrez. More
Giffard-Burley Joss
Wacom, United Kingdom
What's next for Wacom's DRM solution

This speech will present the technology we are using to build a secure DRM platform for all types of creative users by combining Wacom’s core technology components with our research in the areas of blockchain and self-sovereign identity. More
hirakawa Tsuyoshi Hirakawa FUJIFILM Medical IT Solutions, Co., Ltd., Japan
Digitizing medical consent forms

Digitizing consent forms drives dramatic cost and risk reduction at Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital. More
ars-electronica Ars Electronica Panel discussion Ars Electronica Futurelab x Wacom
"Where do souls live?"
Does Future Ink hold the answer to this question?

Ars Electronica Futurelab x Wacom introduce a new style of creative brainstorming session filled with improvised music and graphic recording about the "Future Ink." This session aims to answer the questions both are seeking from the collaboration. More
zkai-watanabe Z-Kai group Jun Watanabe Z-kai Inc., Japan
New possibilities using learning services with handwriting and digital technology

Introducing a new services to be released by Z-kai in the new fiscal year and initiatives for future cooperation with Wacom. More
Eshi 100 Eshi 100
Take a closer look at the drawing process of of the artists "Fuzichoco" bringing together the concepts of "art" x "dance". More
Hamel Marko Hamel Marko Hamel Visual Selling, Germany
Live Visualization as a life skill

Remote work is the new normal – but how can we still collaborate & co-create in a meaningful way? Learn how to make an impact. More
Kevin Kulbacki Kevin Kulbacki Kevin Kulbacki KDX Forensic Consulting, USA
Signatures and Fraud in the Digital Age

A Forensic Document Examiner discusses the importance of signatures even in the digital age. More
Peter Sommer Peter-Sommer-Managing-Director-EMEA Peter Sommer Wacom, Germany
Human signatures for a digital world

Key customers showcase their use of Wacom technology for digitizing signature-centric workflows. More
Lee Bofkin Lee Bofkin Lee Bofkin Global Street Art, UK 
How to paint a city

How to paint a city and not lose your mind! More
Weber Markus Weber Wacom, Germany
From analog to digital ink in modern education.

The future of the Universal Ink Model, Semantic Ink technology and their dominant role in education. More
Dedomenico Gina DeDomenico Costume Design Guild, USA
When Hollywood went from analog to digital

Gina will discuss her experience of re-entering the Hollywood industry that went digital while she was away raising a family. More
Niko Kalantzis Nikolas Kalantzis Niko Kalantzis Chartoularios Institute, Greece
From liquid to digital ink

The transformation of the signature as a medium eSignature expert Niko Kalantzis explores the evolution of biometric digital handwritten signatures. More
IMART IMART International Manga Anime Festival Reiwa Toshima, Japan
A new era of anime and manga

IMART 2021, a borderless conference in the realm of manga and anime, presents a discussion on the «Doujin (indie) Exhibiton» in the time of COVID-19. More
Hiroshi Fujioka Hiroshi Fujioka Wacom , Japan

Wacom´s vison of the XR business

The presentation will explain Wacom's vision for the XR business and introduce actual workflows and examples of VR creation. The devices that Wacom is currently developing for VR creation will also be discussed. More
MSI-2 MSI Taiwan
Meet the professionals

Discover how MSI helps creators organize, optimize, and take their workflow to the next level. Join this session and you will be able to see how different professionals create, design, and work with MSI Creator Series in animation, graphic design and film. More
facebook-logo youtube
The Imagination Project The Imagination Project Wacom x Creative Mornings
Supporting creative communities

The Imagination Project delivers a unique opportunity during Covid-19 to support those that help make our world vibrant and full of creativity. More
Gideon Schnog Gideon-Schnog Gideon Schnog Saint Leo University, USA
How Saint Leo University relies on Wacom to deliver hybrid education

The way to success in technology deployment and adoption is to stick to what people know and introduce them to tools that naturally fit their environment. Wacom has created a more natural teaching experience in an unprecedented pandemic. More
Ignacio Alamillo-Domingo Alamillo Ignacio Alamillo-Domingo Astrea La Infopista Juridica, Spain
Human Rights in the digital space

Who is the digital you? The role of handwritten eSignatures in online identity. More
Mekyska Jiri Mekyska Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Diagnosing and helping children with GD

Objective diagnosis of graphomotor difficulties in children with developmental dysgraphia. More
Hyoguchi Peter Hyoguchi Roninfilm, USA 

Creating cross platform entertainment

Reinventing modern filmmaking using video game technology in the new world of remote collaboration. More
Michael Morris Michael Morris USA 
The Cartoon Crunch

Eight animation students survived The Cartoon Crunch, the ultimate week-long animation challenge. Join us as we unveil their animated shorts: there will be laughter and tears, but mostly laughter. More
André Luis Andre Louis André Luis THU Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, Portugal
Building a creative community

As founder of Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU), André speaks about the importance, relevance and power of the creative community. More
zkai-group Z-Kai group CEOs from Z-kai Group and Wacom Z-kai Inc., Japan
When two companies share the same philosophy on handwriting, services and vision

CEOs from Z-kai Group and Wacom talk about education and digital handwriting. More
What it takes to create a new culture

STINGS is a start-up founded to create a new culture through creativity and communication. In this session, Hiroki Honda will talk about what he believes is necessary to create a new culture – not just a business. More
Drummond Bob Drummond Kami, New Zealand
Kami app: Reimagining the digital learning environment

Kami is a leading classroom app built to transform an existing file into an interactive learning experience. More
J-Fever J-Fever Rapper, China
Interview and performance

J-Fever, the rapper inspired by Japanese cartoons and cult books, gives an interview and a rap performance about creativity. More
closing-act Satoru Kobayashi artwork Closing Act Netflix, USA
Where will the next brush stroke lead?

Artist Satoru Kobayashi will create Connected Ink's logo in Hanamaki City.

Artist: Satoru Kobayashi
Art Director: Takashi Itagaki
yan-gu Yan Gu EEO, China
Chinese platform for online and live broadcasting systems in the field of education

This startup with an app for online education has a huge network of education and training institutions in China. Entered a strategic partnership with Sony Global Education, Inc. More
zhang-wang Professor Zhang Wang Nankai University, China
Chinese-style digital creation

Professor Zhang Wang of Nankai University talks about the creation and concept of Chinese style digital art. More
Shiho Noichi Noichi Shiho Noichi Fujitsu Limited, Japan
How is learning to create the future?

This session will introduce how Fujitsu can contribute to learning. We provide services for recording the process of organizing thoughts to make it easier to express opinions and also places for realizing and presenting one's own ideas. The important thing is not typing, but "drawing" ideas with a pen and "writing" opinions. This session will introduce some examples of teaching practices and effects for students who are learning with pen tablets. More
SDTech Wacom x sdtech Inc. Ink data and AI for Education
A message on the future of education from Wacom and sdtech Inc.

This discussion on the future of Wacom and sdtech Inc. explores how digital ink can be used to create new forms of communication between individuals and their environment. More
Experience Zone Experience Zone Ink data and AI for Education
3 live sessions that will inspire your creativity

We will be reporting live from the venue in Tokyo in three sessions. More

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