November 18th
12:20 AM – 01:05 AM (PST)
09:20 AM – 10:05 AM (CET)
04:20 PM – 05:05 PM (CST)
05:20 PM – 06:05 PM (JST)
07:20 PM – 08:05 PM (AEDT)

Bob Drummond

Kami, New Zealand

Kami app: Reimagining the digital learning environment

Kami is a leading digital classroom app built to transform existing documents of any kind into an interactive learning experience. Kami is currently used by almost 20 million users in over 170 countries. Bob Drummond, Kami's Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer, sits down to talk with us about Kami's mission of reimagining the digital learning environment by providing tools that unlock potential, ignite creativity, and nurture collaboration.