November 18th
12:15 AM – 12:40 AM (PST)
09:15 AM – 09:40 AM (CET)
04:15 PM – 04:40 PM (CST)
05:15 PM – 05:40 PM (JST)
07:15 PM – 07:40 PM (AEDT)

Creative Rights Initiative

PGN Corp – pixiv Inc. – Startbahn Inc. – Tosho Printing Co. Ltd. – Wacom

Collaborative Project

Creative Rights Initiative is a collaborative project between PGN, pixiv, Startbahn, Tosho Printing and Wacom. Their vision is to create and nurture a new and better culture for art and creatives. A space where the rights of artists and creators are properly managed, and where they can distribute and/or monetize their work in a more secure way.

Another vision is to establish a new contents trading model as a marriage between digital and real creations. In this vein, they are introducing the first proof of concept for:

  • Creating new digital content
  • Signing digital content using biometric signatures
  • Uploading to digital content platforms
  • Printing digital content to real content
  • Distributing real artwork with Blockchain certificates
DRM Ota StartBahn Kieuske Ota

Keisuke Ota, Startbahn

Kazuki Yanagisawa, PGN

Kazuki Yanagisawa
DRM Takahashi

Shusuke Takahashi, Tosho Printing

Ryoji Ishii, Wacom

DRM Ishii

Kazuki Koga, pixiv

Kenichi Kakui, Wacom