November 18th
12:35 AM – 01:50 AM (PST)
09:35 AM – 10:50 AM (CET)
04:35 PM – 05:50 PM (CST)
05:35 PM – 06:50 PM (JST)
07:35 PM – 08:50 PM (AEDT)



A new era of anime and manga

The spread of COVID-19 has affected the anime scene quite a bit. Some films or TV series have even announced that production has been cancelled and broadcasts postponed. Not to mention that the manga industry has also suspended editing work and postponed releases. Cancellations and postponements have affected large scale events like Comic Market, resulting in new online styles being born. On the flip side, school closures and curfews have led to an increase in subscriptions for video streaming services, as well as a noticeable trend towards free distribution in comic apps.

In the accelerating changes in the anime and manga industries and consumer lifestyles, this session introduces IMART (the International Manga and Anime Festival Reiwa Toshima) 2021, a conference without borders to be held in February 2021, where leading figures in the manga and anime industries will present their perspectives. As a pre-session of the upcoming IMART 2021, the team will discuss the theme of the "Doujin (indie) Exhibition," which aims to provide hints towards a new era of anime and manga.

Phio Alcemista(Hikky Inc.)
Nobuaki Doi(IMART)
Yasuhiro Yamauchi(IMART)
Tadashi Sudo(IMART)
Takeshi Kikuchi(IMART)