November 18th
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Meet the professionals

Meet Blockbuster Movie's Animator Jean Denis Haas (JD). Many of us have spent hours watching movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones. However, it’s not often that someone who loved these things goes on to work on them as an animator. For Jean-Denis Haas, the journey from playing with Star Wars toys to contributing to movies has not only been exciting, it’s also been sort of surreal, even after all these years.

Meet Nik Hill, Motion Graphics Designer & founder of 23rdC.
Are you a fan of movies like Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Blade Runner 2049? If the answer's yes, you've seen Nik Hill's handiwork firsthand. Nik is a Motion Designer who landed in the field thanks to a love of graffiti and street art. He continues turning his creativity and talent into spectacular visuals that enthrall millions around the world.

Meet Dale Hayward and Sylvie Trouvé, The Little Prince's Stop Motion Animators. From award-winning works ranging from The Little Prince to Bone Mother, Dale and Sylvie's portfolio of work is nothing short of spectacular. For Dale Hayward and Sylvie Trouvé, work and life are irreversibly intertwined. And they wouldn’t have it any other way! They’re married and are accomplished professional stop motion animators who co-founded See Creature Studios in Montreal.