November 17th
03:30 PM – 04:15 PM (PST)
November 18th
12:30 AM – 01:15 AM (CET)
07:30 AM – 08:15 AM (CST)
08:30 AM – 09:15 AM (JST)
10:30 AM – 11:15 AM (AEDT)

Stacey Roshan

Bullis School, USA

Collaborative, connected, and paperless learning

By intentionally integrating technology into lessons, teachers can create more time for one-on-one interaction, quickly see where students are struggling, and give all students (even the introverts and
those who need more time to process) the opportunity to share their voice. This session will highlight how to embrace tools such as Pear Deck, Flipgrid, and Kami to make learning active and engaging, while helping to deepen relationships in the classroom, whether remote or face-to-face.

In this session, Stacy will share what edtech tools she has onboarded in both her online and flipped classroom to keep collaboration alive and provide students personalized feedback and instruction. She will explain how the following three tools have been transformative in her teaching:

  • Flipgrid for bite-sized, whiteboard style instructional videos
  • Pear Deck to engage all students in the room and allow for peer-to-peer learning even in a remote setting
  • Kami to annotate and provide rich feedback

Participants will walk away from this session with practical, easy-to-implement ideas so they can pair up their Wacom tablet with each of these three tools to bring lessons and powerful learning moments to life!