talk tamotsu ito-kaz oti

November 17th
09:55 PM – 10:25 PM (PST)
November 18th
06:55 AM – 07:25 AM (CET)
01:55 PM – 02:25 PM (CST)
02:55 PM – 03:25 PM (JST)
04:55 PM – 05:25PM (AEDT)

Tamotsu Ito & Kaz Oki

Moderator: Nobu Ide, CEO, Wacom

What is calm co-existence between people, nature, goods and technology?

Tamotsu Ito, an architect who created a unique stage design (Stage KOPPA) for Connected Ink by utilizing scrap wood, and Kaz Oki (CEO, mui Lab) who built up the “new third place” gathering intelligence using Calm Technology, will have a creative discussion on how people, nature, goods and technology can be harmonized and co-exist sustainably and calmly.

Tamotsu Ito, architect

Kaz Oki

Kaz Oki, CEO, mui Lab