November 17th
09:45 PM – 10:10 PM (PST)
November 18th
06:45 AM – 07:10 AM (CET)
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Wacom x sdtech Inc.

Ink data and AI for Education

A message on the future of education from Wacom and
sdtech Inc.

This year marks the third anniversary of Wacom and sdtech Inc.'s joint development of ink data and AI for education.

In the first year, we developed an evaluator that determines an individual's characteristics from pen data and eye pupil data while solving a maze. In the second year, the degree of "mind wandering" among a group of students was quantified from the ink data collected while drawing a tree. (Mind wandering is when thoughts diverge from the task at hand, although it is an important state of mind for creative activities). In both the first and the second years, the project focused on the individual's mindset; but the effect of others cannot be ignored in educational settings and society. This year, compiling the fruits of three years of development, Wacom and sdtech Inc. have set the theme as “individuals and others.”

While the existence of others gives individuals great joy, it can also cause distress and conflict. How much can you really convey your thoughts to others with only words? Can digital ink be a tool for removing barriers and helping individuals communicate with their communities more comfortably? This is the discussion that the two companies have been engaged in. At Connected Ink 2020, we will present a demo that explores how digital ink can be used to create new forms of communication between individuals and their environments.

In this session, Professor Michio Nomura, a researcher in the field of educational cognitive psychology at Kyoto University, will discuss the future of education and the use of pen data together with Wacom and sdtech Inc.

Hirotaka Suzuki, sdtech Inc.
Michio Nomura, Kyoto University
Kizuku Ishimaru, Wacom

Hirotaka Suzuki, sdtech Inc.


Michio Nomura, Kyoto University

Kizuku Ishimaru, Wacom