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November 18th
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Yan Gu

EEO, China

Chinese platform for online and live broadcasting systems in the field of education

Founded in 2014, EEO is mainly engaged in the development of online live broadcasting systems serving the education field. The online interactive live classroom, Classin, was released in 2017 and is designed to enable teachers and students to remotely realize classroom teaching similar to offline scenarios through the application of video, communication, cloud storage, and other technologies. Nearly 70% of large education and training institutions, including 100TAL, New Oriental, are partners of EEO. In April 2020, EEO entered into a strategic partnership with Sony Global Education, Inc., in Japan, to provide support for online education for teachers and students in Japan. In addition, the EEO online teaching platform also obtained the official recognition of IELTS.

The British Council, which runs the IELTS test, recently launched the SpeakUP IELTS online speaking exercise product for Chinese students. The technical support of this product is provided by EEO, and both sides are working closely together to make this global in the future.